About us

  MRMR is a general contracting firm headquartered in Leesburg, Virginia. Led by Justin and Lindsay Sheppard, MRMR focuses on supporting the commercial real estate ventures, property managers, commercial landlords, and business owners needing renovations or assistance building out interior commercial spaces.  With nearly two decades in the Leesburg area, MRMR knows the local limitations and strengths, trends,  and ordinances impacting commercial real estate projects from the Beltway to Middlesburg and surrounding.

About Justin

Justin has 15 years of commercial construction experience in a wide range of spaces including data center, offices, hotels, restaurants, and government facilities. Known for a can-do attitude, he has completed hundreds of projects, all with high customer satisfaction. Justin is skilled at framing, rough-in, finish work, design-assistance, and demolition. Justin has a BA in Construction Management, experiences HVAC installer, is a certified Fire/Life Safety Inspector, and has completed Commissioning and LEED compliance training. 

About Lindsay

Lindsay has 15 years of customer service and account management experience, five of which have been running her own business in Loudoun County, VA. Her business succeeds via what has been described as “an inspired obsession with quality customer service.” Combined with excellent business savvy, this obsession with customer service makes her commitment to complete each project to the highest degree of customer satisfaction second to none.

Together, Justin and Lindsay's knowledge of the local area combined with their commitment to quality and unique skill set of technical knowledge plus customer service sets MRMR apart from the competition.

Keys to success


Our staff provides our customers with years of valuble experience

Customer Commitment

We are committed to fulfilling your needs and that of your project